walking around town blind and deaf.

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Pictures coming soon.



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tasting is weird, especially when you can’t see, or actually feel the shape and texture of what you’re eating. The whole things gets blurry, just like with feeling without seeing and stuff. We did this little practical experiment, wich I thought I would do okay, but it was harder then I expected

I see that our senses work togehter a lot, even when you think you’re just using one of them. tasting alone sounds like an easy thing to do, and it didn’t zound very likely to me that you need your other senses to do so. Wrong thougts.

yeeeeeeeh boy.

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just made an amazing discovery. In big cities, such as Rotterdam, where the WdKA is, and Amsterdam, where I live, your senses seem a bit handicapped. Sometimes things feel so far away. So I was thinking, what is it that makes you feel that way about things. Is it that you can’t touch it? or that you are physically far away from objects?

I feel like this because many times I feel like everything takes forever in big cities, and it always smells like exhaust gasses, and it costs considerably more effort to get the idea that there are actually thiings within reach.

Maybe There can be an internet experience that gives you that comfy idea. There have to be senses involved. Someway I’m going to find some artists who experience the same thing, and I’ll study their work.

Seeing with your hands

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Today we did an experiment about seeing with our hands. Some of the things I saw before, but just doing some small tests did make me realize how your senses are working together in every day life. And how different it is to miss any of them. For example you can “see” things blindfolded, but it takes a lot of effort to make some sense out of it.

I think this can be very useful in the study on sensory shopping.


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see y’all tomorrow in class. then we can talk about eating mashed banana and potatoes without smelling it.

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